Top Gated Communities in Danville, CA

Top Gated Communities in Danville, CA
The benefits of living in a gated community are many. First and foremost, they are private sanctuaries, safe from the intrusions of the outside world and solicitors. With top security allowing in only the invited, there is peace and quiet in a gated community not found anywhere else. Even in a city, the noise, bustle, and busyness seem far away. Despite the privacy, gated communities are not completely isolated, fostering a sense of community and belonging among fellow residents, along with wide green spaces, beautiful housing, and walking paths.

There are several gated communities in Danville, California. For those looking for homes for sale in Danville, CA who would prefer the privacy and luxury of a gated community, there are options. Below are details about some of the top gated communities in Danville, California.

Hidden Oaks

Completed in 1978 and now made up of around 206 homes, the Danville neighborhood of Hidden Oaks keeps with the theme and names each of its streets after some kind of oak tree, such as Hidden Oak Drive and White Oak Place. The lots are of expansive proportions, with many lots including over a half acre of land, and most homes possessing four to five bedrooms. Most houses have been remodeled, renovated, or updated since being built in the late 1970s to early 1980s. This gated community is considered one of the most attractive neighborhoods.


One of the most impressive neighborhoods in the area, Saddleback is where the most luxurious, spacious houses are found. Even the smallest homes in the neighborhood have over 3,000 square feet of space. In addition, with the lot size being one to two acres big, the yards are just as generous in size. Saddleback boasts wealth, class, and beauty in a neighborhood where lavish housing is the norm.

Bettencourt Ranch

A gated community made up of single-family homes, Bettencourt Ranch lies between Daville’s rolling hills. Conveniently located near Blackhawk Plaza with its many shops and restaurants, the neighborhood also possesses parks, recreational areas, and highly-rated schools nearby. It provides a community pool and tennis courts.

One of the best neighborhoods for families in the state of California, Bettencourt Ranch combines beautiful streets, privacy, and top schools to create a great place for children. The neighborhood has a strong sense of community through the ease of socialization and community events. The urban neighborhood has all the top-quality amenities necessary for ease of living. The large, grand homes and beautiful architecture create a strong visual statement for anyone walking or driving through the neighborhood.


Spreading out over an area of more than nine miles, Blackhawk is located in Contra Costa County near San Francisco East Bay. Made up of around 11,000 residents, the luxury San Ramon Valley neighborhood attracts a variety of business professionals, entrepreneurs, and media personalities, among others. All are welcome.

Created in 1912, the neighborhood was named after a famous Irish racehorse and a ranch of the same name. In 1975, the 2,000 acres of wide, open space between the Blackhawk Ranch and Mount Diablo State Park were added to the park. In the same year, the development of 2,400 houses began.

Most of the housing in the neighborhood was built between 1970 and 1999, although some were created earlier between 1940 and 1969, making the houses established but not old. The community has one of the highest rates of single-family, detached residents in the entire United States. Most of the houses are medium (three to four bedrooms) to large (four or more bedrooms).

The Blackhawk community has a higher than average percentage of residents who work from home at 27.4%. Residents have a strong sense of community and a lot to do nearby, with the neighborhood providing two golf courses, a country club, and a sports complex.

Nearby is the Blackhawk Plaza, an open-air, one-of-a-kind, lifestyle center. Combining an aquatic landscaped interior with Mediterranean, village-style architecture and multiple terraced vistas, it is little wonder the plaza continues to attract residents and tourists alike. The Blackhawk Automotive and Cultural Museum, which is known worldwide, is a Smithsonian affiliate, with exhibits of some of the world’s most exotic cars and the culture of the Old West, Africa, and China. In addition to the museum, the Plaza boasts fine dining and a variety of shops, entertainment, and special events. There is something for everyone there.

Found adjacent to the Plaza, the Blackhawk Country Club is the crown jewel of the community and the gateway to several smaller neighborhoods within the Blackwood community. A tour of the area would show some of the most impressive Danville, CA real estate.

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