5 Residential Architecture Styles We Love Right Now

5 Residential Architecture Styles We Love Right Now

From historic to contemporary, there is no shortage of unique and inspiring styles that can make a home truly stand out. As we move into a new era of design and construction, residential architectural styles are often a key factor that can make or break a potential buyer's decision.

The Tri-Valley area boasts a rich history of architecture, ranging from charming Craftsman bungalows to Spanish revival mansions. However, specific styles are no longer set to the region, and we are seeing a variety of stunning and unique homes pop up. From Pleasanton to San Ramon real estate, we are exploring some of the most beloved residential architectural styles right now that are sure to inspire you.

1. Mediterranean Revival

This architectural style is having a BIG moment right now. Originating in the early 20th century, it is characterized by its use of Mediterranean-inspired elements such as stucco walls, red-tile roofs, arched windows and doorways, and wrought iron details. Much of the Dublin real estate features Mediterranean Revival architecture and offers balconies, terraces, and courtyards, which provide a beautiful and relaxing outdoor living space.

Mediterranean Revival homes typically have a warm and inviting feel, with a focus on creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. They often have large windows and open floor plans, which allow for plenty of natural light and a sense of spaciousness. Many of these homes also feature exquisite landscaping, including palm trees, olive trees, and other Mediterranean-inspired plants, making us swoon even more for this residential architectural style.

2. Mid-Century Modern

Emphasizing clean lines, geometric shapes, and the use of natural materials, the Mid-Century Modern architectural style has become increasingly popular within homes over the past decade. This style features homes with flat or sloping roofs, large windows, and an open floor plan that connects the indoor and outdoor living spaces. The interior of a Mid-Century Modern home is often characterized by a minimalist aesthetic, with a focus on functionality and simplicity.

This style is particularly popular in the older parts of the Tri-Valley area, such as the neighborhoods around Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park and the city’s historic downtown district. Many of the homes in Pleasanton have been beautifully preserved and updated, incorporating modern amenities while still retaining their original charm and character.

3. Craftsman

A favorite amongst homeowners, the Craftsman architectural style emphasizes the use of wood and stone paired with simple, elegant designs. Also known as the Arts and Crafts style, it emerged in the United States in the early 20th century as a reaction against the ornate, mass-produced designs of the Victorian era. It was popularized by architects such as Gustav Stickley, who published a magazine called "The Craftsman" that featured home designs and furnishings in this style.

Craftsman homes are typically characterized by their low-pitched roofs, overhanging eaves, and wide front porches with tapered columns. They often are characterized by an open floor plan, exposed wooden beams and rafters, and the much-loved built-in cabinetry.

San Ramon homes for sale feature many homes with the Craftsman architectural style. Many of these homes have been beautifully restored and maintained, preserving their original charm and character and providing modern amenities.

4. Ranch-style

Another popular residential architectural style we are loving right now is the Ranch-style. Also known as the American Ranch or California Ranch style, these homes became popular in the United States from the 1940s to the 1970s. The Ranch-style is characterized by a single-story layout, a low-pitched roof, and a simple, unadorned exterior with features such as large picture windows. The interior of a Ranch-style home typically has an open floor plan and a central living area that flows seamlessly into the kitchen and dining areas.

Many Ranch-style homes in the Tri-Valley area have been updated to include features today’s buyers all have on their checklists. From large master suites, updated kitchens, and energy-efficient features, they aim to impress. This style is particularly popular among families and those who value single-level living, as they offer easy access and convenience.

5. Spanish Revival

This architectural style emerged in the early 20th century and was heavily influenced by the architecture of Spain and Mexico. Quickly popularized in California and other parts of the southwestern United States, it was used to create elegant and charming residential homes with distinctively Spanish features. Spanish Revival homes often feature red-tile roofs, stucco exteriors, and arched doorways and windows. Many also have wrought iron details, such as decorative grilles and railings, which add to their distinctive character.

The style's signature element is the use of courtyards or patios, often adorned with fountains or other water features, which provide an intimate and inviting outdoor living space. The interior of a Spanish Revival home is often characterized by open floor plans, exposed wooden beams, and tile floors, which create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. This residential architectural style is excellent for the entertainer or those with large families.

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When it comes to purchasing a home, the architectural style is a big factor to consider. Having a knowledgeable and experienced real estate agent on your side can make all the difference in helping you distinguish between residential architectural styles and finding a home that fits your unique needs.

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